Creating incredible solutions to impossible problems in simple ways.

Welcome to Dowdian!

Dowdian is a lot of things. It's a place, a company, a group of friends, but most of all, it's a way of thinking. It's the way we treat the ideas and designs that come to us with respect and openness, so that we can build those ideas, build onto them, and eventually, build with them.

An idea is a building block. Having a really cool idea is like having a really unique building block. That one block all by itself isn't really enough. However, using it together with a bunch of other blocks in creative ways can result in some really spectacular creations. So, really, that's what we do here at Dowdian. We play with all the building blocks we've collected along the way.



Maybe you've been hesitating on pursuing that new project because of the daunting prospect of finding the right partner. Maybe things have felt too tight on the budget front. Maybe you’re just not sure if what you want can be done. Well, that is exactly what we specialize in here at Dowdian.

  • Custom Software Solution to automate that thing that you or your team has to do over and over again, every day or all the time.
  • CRM or ERP Integration so that the data you have can be where it needs to be, wherever that may be.
  • Custom Website so you can share your wonderful news with the world.
  • eCommerce solution or Web Application so the world can share in your exciting products and services.

Reach out and let’s start a conversation!